Our Story

Petite Bliss was created from a place of knowing what it’s like to shop as a petite woman and also wanting to make the shopping experience more enjoyable. At 4’11”, I rarely am able to buy “off the rack.” Needless to say, my tailor and I have a very good relationship. It is not often that I am able to find clothes that fit perfectly but when it does happen, I buy the item in every color and sometimes multiples of identical pieces. Shopping victories like these are few and far between so I always make the most of it.


Over the last 13 years of working in several industries at various levels, I noticed a commonality in the workplace. Petite women like me, were wearing clothes that didn’t seem to fit them quite right. After sharing our shopping experiences over the years, we all felt it was due to the lack of options and the lack of patience we felt when it came to shopping. We realized the apparel industry’s misconception of “petite” is reflected in the limited options that are presented to us in stores and online.


Petite Bliss is redefining what it means to be a petite woman. Contrary to popular belief, petite comes in all shapes and sizes and that means offering clothing options that are inclusive when it comes to all body types. Whether you are petite curvy, petite tall, petite-top, petite-bottom, or all-around petite, our styles are curated to flatter all petite frames while at the same time reduce additional costs; such as tailoring and special ordering. It is time that a petite woman is seen as more than just a subcategory, but as a category that is entirely her own.


My wish is that when you browse the site, you can shop with excitement and anticipation knowing that what you find will fit easily, comfortably, and specifically with you in mind.


From one petite woman to another,




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