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Petite Bliss: Timeless and Trendy Petite Clothing

Before she took the leap into the fashion industry, the word “petite” had more of a personal meaning to Brianna Babtkis, the owner of the new online petite clothing store, Petite Bliss. It meant “short and athletic,” and a long and frustrating shopping trip.

“Shopping for clothing was never enjoyable,” she explained. “I never understood why girls got excited to go shopping.” 

Being 4’10 as a high school sophomore meant she mostly wore clothes that fit her, like t-shirts and tank tops. She only shopped for clothes when she absolutely needed to and tended to buy what she liked in bulk so it would last her for years. It wasn’t until college did her view, both personal and interpersonal, on the word “petite” change. 

She attended Colorado State University where she obtained her Bachelors in fashion merchandising. The years after were transformative for her. This was when Brianna began to dress for the job she wanted, not the job she had, and learned how difficult it was for petite women to find suits and business attire that would fit her, even after being tailored. It wasn’t until after college she started dressing for the job she wanted

She also learned that “petite” doesn’t only mean “short.” Her eyes were opened to all different body shapes: athletic petite, curvy petite, tall petite, and maternity petite.

“My exposure in the corporate world and the professional world showed me just how diverse petite is,” Brianna said. 

The Inspiration Behind Petite Bliss

Brianna first opened Petite Bliss on January 27, 2020. Her inspiration came from her own personal experience: she knows how difficult it is to find clothes that fit without tailoring them. She’s lived through the struggle of browsing department stores all day and trying on 10-15 dresses in the hopes of finding one.

The entire shopping experience was nearly impossible for her: nothing was ever perfect off the rack. She would have to get her clothes hemmed and tailored, which never fully solved the problem. For instance, hemming jeans would fix the length, but it would alter the shape of them too, thus making them less flattering.

As for finding trendy clothing, that wasn’t even a thought in Brianna’s mind. It was all about whether or not it fit. And she knows her experience is shared by many other women. 

“It spoke to me as a true problem and I really wanted to solve this problem,” she explained. “It’s a big enough market where women of all ages understand what it’s like to be petite and struggle with shopping.

“Our clothes speak to who we are,” Brianna continued. “They are our non-verbal first impression. When we have limited options, we are limited in our self-expression and cannot accurately represent ourselves to the outside world.  . 

“That’s what inspired me to start Petite Bliss. After sharing shopping experiences over the years with other petite women, I realized it’s not just a me problem. This issue touches all nationalities, all countries and I knew I could help,” she concluded. 

Hand Selected Petite Clothing

Brianna is not only the owner, she is the buyer for Petite Bliss. All of her clothing is hand-selected by her, in person, straight from the Los Angeles Fashion District and fashion trade shows. During her trips to LA, she spends hours browsing through thousands of vendors from all over the world to pick the clothing that is best for petite women.

She spends a week in the big city, hand selecting all of the pieces that will appear in Petite Bliss. This way, she is confident that all of her merchandise will need minimal tailoring, if any at all!

Brianna also attends MAGIC in Las Vegas for clothing selections, so be sure to keep an eye out for those!

Picking the Right Trends 

With an educational background in fashion merchandising, Brianna is well-versed in predicting trends. She studied in London and learned how big name fashion designers decided what the world wore and how trends are revived every so often.  

“When I’m shopping, I look at what I know that’s trendy and what will come back. Nothing is really ever leaving,” Brianna explained.  

She is also well-travelled and experienced in picking out clothing that speaks to various nationalities, such as Asian, American, and European. 

What Style of Clothing Does Petite Bliss Focus On?

Timeless. Trendy. Limited. Clothing for every occasion. If any of that speaks to you, then Petite Bliss may be your one-stop petite clothing store. 

“I try to find timeless pieces,” Brianna said. “I know as a petite person, shopping is miserable. I know you’re going to buy an item that will last for next 5-10 years.”

Her hand-curated clothing pieces are all limited edition too. It is important to be able to express your individuality through clothing, and that can mean finding items that aren’t available in mainstream department stores. 

“You don’t want to be wearing something everyone else is wearing, even if it's trendy. It’s important that when people shop from Petite Bliss, they know that no one is going to look like them. They are able to express their individuality with what they’re wearing,” Brianna explained. 

Currently, Petite Bliss offers a limited selection of the following: 

Remember, once it’s gone, it’s gone!

How Often Does Petite Bliss’s Selection Change?

Brianna’s strategy at this point is to travel out of state every few months to hand select new pieces for Petite Bliss. 

How Fast Do You Get Your Clothes?

Brianna is proud of her ability to get your clothing shipped to you in as little as 2-3 business days. 

Stay connected with Petite Bliss on Facebook or check the website often for new clothing selections and store updates.